This will most likely remain the most active portion of the website. I'll use it to keep track of things I'm currently working on, as well as providing me with a running list of “Things You Could Be Doing Right Now.”

The Real World

  • Grad School On finalizing my master's project – huzzah!
  • The Workshop Officially a Vay-8 project, with oversight from yours truly – built, and just waiitng to be organized!
  • The Office On taking over The Office and creating a soft-craft wonderland.
  • Temple Landscaping On hardscape, landscape, and all in-between at Dream Home Ln
  • Hiles's Library On curating and protecting our 1,000+ collection of books in the family library
  • The Wardrobe On designing and collecting the wardrobe of a Grown Up
  • Camp NC On traveling the greatest state and sleeping across it's mighty acreage
  • Soap Because plastic bottles are a major bummer.

Digital Projects