This is a virtual notebook. Like a dead tree notebook, it's full of ideas (some complete, some less complete), doodles, ramblings, and occasionally a bit of work that's really worth showing off. It's a virtual handshake, a way to show off, and an opportunity to connect.

Also like a notebook, there's loads of pages missing, because I've decided to rip them out and toss them. Whoops.

For general questions, read more about me.

For general answers, see the below graphic:

A slightly more in-depth explanation

There's a bit of a kanban flow to this website, with the product backlog never ending, and the sprints being infinite, and the final product is I guess me.

Up top you can browse WILL DO and AM DOING and HAVE DONE. Sidenote, isn't English great?

Finally, if you want to holler, please use Contact.