Wikipedia Needs Pictures

Every year, Wikipedia runs a pretty neat competition with the goal of outsourcing content to people - mainly, that we (culturally, globally, as humans - don't have enough photos of monuments and historically significant places.

Enter Wiki Loves Monuments.

North Carolina, as it turns out, is chock full of historically significant places. 1)

I've created a map of the locations in central NC 2) which are yet to be photographed 3).

I don't have a huge time goal for this - although the Wiki Loves Monuments contest is time restrictive.

1) whoah who could have figured that a state in the American south with a rich and terrible history of slavery, agriculture, industry, and music could be, you know, historically relevant
2) broken down by county
3) one caveat, there are at least 2 locations on this map I have created which *do* have photographs, but which I think could stand to be updated