Research is a big deal to me. Like, a really big deal. I completely credit my parents with this fixation of mine, as my entire childhood was filled with me asking questions and never getting answers. My parents would either answer with a question, or would point me in the direction of the most likely place for me to find that answer 1)

It's because of my love of research that I decided to enter academic librarianship.

Outside of that career choice, I like taking on various research projects 2).

1) This more often than not was my father's Harvard dictionary, a 15 pound tissue paper printed tome with size 6 font. It was the bane of my existence and it's because of that dictionary that the most memorable book ever given to me was a “My First Dictionary” at the age of 9, easily a quarter the weight of my father's dictionary, and as a bonus, illustrated for easy look-ups.
2) Nine times out of ten it's so I can correct someone on the internet with empirical evidence and peer-reviewed articles to back me up