Virtual Communities Resource Center

Here you will find an overview of the various virtual communities created and explored over the course of my LIS 674 class.

My initial paper on Trends and Issues in Virtual Communities can be viewed here on Dropbox. Use it as a reference point for the majority of conclusions I've gone through here.

Additionally, I encourage you to explore each of the social media websites and communities that I interacted with throughout the semester. The following links will take you to a page which provides a URL for my own social media page, as well as some of my thoughts about the resourcefulness and potential use within library communities.

I have also put together the original learning goals I posited at the beginning of the semester, in the form of five questions I hoped to have answered during the course of this class.

Finally, please take a look at my Proposed Future Virtual Community, a brief model of a virtual community which I would build for a library, as well as the pros and cons that I can see being a part of it.