A chronological list of the projects I led or assisted on while working with the AUX department. Note that some of the projects have external links to provide further context, while others simply have a brief explanation of their purpose and my role with them.

Physical Spaces

  • Wrote new descriptions for study rooms and spaces available to students in the library
  • Assessed Rubenstein Library space for areas which students may not have been aware of, and added them to the places to study list

Virtual Spaces

  • Designed page for DUL's new proxy bookmarklet page
  • Implemented new strategy for organization of department documents through DukeSpace and Sharepoint
  • Reviewed the library's Ask a Librarian page and made recommendations on changes to improve it's usability
  • Created a consolidated “best practices” guide based on Harvard library's and Boston University library's own guides for the library to consider
  • Reviewed DUL's “location guides” and made recommendations on how the library could improve students' use of them


  • March 9 – April 13th observational study of the Rubenstein Library photo gallery
  • March 24th usability test on the library's Ask a Librarian page
  • April 6th usability test on the library's LibGuide navigation
  • April 11th usability test on the library's LibGuide navigation, this time with the Undergraduate Advisory Board (UAB)