1. To investigate student use of physical space, especially in terms of problems that students may have with interacting with the library and finding their needed resources.
  2. To assess flaws and highlights of a library’s digital space and learn to correct them.
  3. To solidify and expand knowledge of working with user experience or as a UX librarian within an academic library setting.


Goal 1

  1. Explore DUL campuses as a visiting student for fresh takes on the space.
  2. Complete observational studies and assist in assembling reports.
  3. Review problems encountered by Duke students and search for solutions through triangulation, literature reviews, advisory boards, and modified usability studies.
  4. Form recommendations based on above problem solving methods.

Goal 2

  1. Study the DUL websites in search of weak spots as well as strong points.
  2. Assist with page management and creation through using Drupal, Institutional Repository, and other DUL web management tools.
  3. Analyze LibGuides for weak spots and strong points.
  4. Add to Best Practices report for DUL LibGuides.

Goal 3

  1. Meet, create, assist, and work with the AUX department in their daily projects.
  2. Scour existing documentation from DUL on usability studies and observational reports.
  3. Sit in on approximately 2 departmental meetings per month (regardless of if topic pertains to field study students; with permission of site supervisor).
  4. Explore SharePoint documentation from HR pertaining to AUX and other DUL hiring procedure.


  • Able to speak fluently on the methodology of observational studies.
  • Able to design and execute unique observational studies and companion reports.
  • Comfortable manipulating library-specific web pages and LibGuides.


Item Due Date Location
Learning Contract 18 January Here
Self-evaluation (on entrance) 18 January Here
Reflection Blog 18 January Here
Apply for two jobs 8 February N/A
Self-evaluation (on exit) 20 April Here
Supervisor Evaluation 2 May Here

Items subject to change as needed.

Office Hours

233R, Perkins Library, Duke University * Wednesday: 9:30am - 3:00pm * Thursday: 9:00am - 12:00pm (virtual office hours) * Friday: 9:30am - 11:30pm