In 2014, my friend Lea traveled to Lesotho to volunteer for the Peace Corps.

In attempt to liven up what was for Lea a boring existence and doubly boring diet, I decided to try and find out what, exactly, Lea could potentially grow (and eventually eat!) in Lesotho.

You can view a Google Drive version of the guide here.

Below is an introduction, just to whet your appetite.


So you want to garden in Lesotho. God speed! I offer no promises or certifications that any of this will work. I’m flying entirely by the seat of my pants and my own ability to Google things.

There’s a few things I’ve tried to include in this guide. The first is a rudimentary introduction into the soil and climate of Lesotho. These will be fairly important in your understanding of agriculture (albeit in your case very small scale agriculture) and your future as a gardener.

Second is an introduction into getting your garden started. This includes an individual care guide for each of the species I’ve chosen as science experiment for you. They’ve largely been broken into two groups - indoor and outdoor - and include care thusly.

Finally, I urge you to treat this as nothing greater than something that is the equivalent of a 3rd grade science fair project. It should be seen as a fun venture into agriculture, and a way to spend the time.