This was really my first venture into prop replication.

What is prop replication?, I hear you cry.

It's pretty simple. It's when you replicate props. Props being physical items from movies, books, TV shows - any form of media, really. These are usually items that can't or don't exist in the real world (for instance, light sabres).

In this case, I was working on taking a prop from the TV show Grimm. There is an amazing air stream trailer that is filled with monster hunting goodies.

I wanted to take this idea, this idea of a trailer filled with books and potions and weapons and Ooga Booga-related paraphernalia, and shrink it down into something I could manage 1) and fit in my house.

The initial thought was to take an old steamer chest and turn it into a miniature version of this trailer. I knew I could easily buy or make the things I would put in it, but the chest was the hardest part. I went back and forth with redesigning something that already existed, and just making something fresh. I would eventually buy an old dresser and turn it into a cabinet.

The best way to explore this is through photos, with some information accompanying them.

1) Physically as well as financially