Camp NC

This page is a bit of a mess of resources. There's some outdated information that isn't entirely accurate at this point, but the general idea of it still stands true.

NC is full of some amazing state parks and state resources, and I want to camp them all. Solo or group or family - I want 'em.

The Database

The below database of sites are granted several categories to help organize the parks and sites that I'm interested in. The main 2 are seasonality of the different parks (which is mostly relevant for overnight camping trips) and the distance of the site from our house in the 27713 zip code. Distance from our house very simply shows if a site is something simple like a day trip, or something more complex like a weekend trip. Seasonality, because NC can have such horrid summers and falls, is to help determine when the best time is (again, generally for overnights).

Hiking Trails

In addition to sites on a while, there are specific trails I've identified for individual trips.

The Map